4 Trends in B2B Marketing 2017

Working with digital marketing in 2017 requires more than ever, both by marketing managers, sales teams and management teams. We have asked our partners and customers about what they think are the biggest challenges for the next year and list here a few of the biggest challenges.

We recommend that marketing focuses on one of these data on a quarterly (or monthly, depending on your goals). To help you need, among others representatives from your sales team.

Each of these actions can alter your business properly. And the best part is that it is long-lasting changes that will benefit you in your work every day.

Task 1. Make sure to align the market with sales

One of the main challenges for 2017, we believe will work to align the sales department to the marketing department. In far too many companies working these two departments as two entirely separate entities without much insight into what the other is doing. But the truth is that both of these departments are working toward exactly the same goal. To increase the company’s sales. And do you work with lead management and content marketing will work to align the both departments even more important. Therefore, be sure to have a plan all the way from the moment a potential client can find your company by example social media or Google, until she is paying and satisfied customer. Put example Please up an agreement with the sales department that regulates how they should respond to incoming leads.

Task 2. Get better at identifying good leads

With more and more leads coming into your business you also need to get better at sorting the good from the worse. But also to focus on the right to convert the non yet ripe stakeholders to become just interested buyers with the help of Marketing Automation. An important task in 2017 will be to work with the criteria for a good lead where you and your sales team based on leads that led to the shops and the leads that petered out or led nowhere.

Task 3. Improve automatic feeds for different purposes

What are your visitors interested once they contact you? Do they want to be partners? Do they know how much your products or solutions cost? They wonder about your company’s solutions are right for them compared to a specific competitor? Try to identify the Top 5 reasons your visitors to contact you and set up automatic email feeds to bring them closer to a decision after your first contact. The mail may e.g. mailed out once a week and remind the person why your solution is the right choice. Compare e.g. your potential customer of your services with your nearest competitor, send case studies where you have already made that choice and chosen your solution over the other. Remind your potential customer why they should choose you.  (you need a marketing automation system for this)

Task 4. Start measuring from where your leads come good

Whence came the best leads, those who become business and those who generated the most money for the company? They Googled something and reached your site that direction? Or did they find you through social media? Try to identify the channels from which your leads will in particular which channels leads come from leading to business. There are some good methods for this. Systems Hubspot have this type of tracking built in, but you can get through Google Analytics and other systems too – but with a bit more hands-on.

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