7 Great Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing is one great way to keep in touch with your customers without really exhausting a big amount of money. However, it’s not that easy as well as a lot of people would be reluctant of giving away their email addresses. The fear of receiving spam will make them feel uneasy about the whole idea of this kind of marketing.

However, don’t lose hope for we have some nifty tips to get you started with your email marketing.

Easy sign up.

Set up a sign up form on your front page, social media and other platforms where your targets frequently hang out. No need to put a lot of fields for people to fill up but you can give them options of what to sign up for. For example, if you run a medical site, you can give them options if they want to receive newsletters about healthy food, exercise and so on. Radio buttons would make it more appealing.

Give details about what to expect.

Always give details about what readers would receive and how often would it be. Is it weekly? daily? or occassionally? Would they be receiving updates, tips or great deals? Be specific as it would be an important if the readers want to sing up or not.

Greet with a welcome email.

As soon as people sign up for your newsletter, greet them accordingly with a welcome email which reminds them of all the great things in store for them. You can even send some special offers to show how thnakful you are for their subscription.

Go with a brand-inspired design.

Your newsletter must be inspired by your brand. I short, you need to match the look and feel that your brand is portraying. You can make your newsletters more personalized by displaying your logo ans other elements of your business.

Make it easy to read.

Your readers might not have all the time in the world. So, it’s better if you can follow an easy to read format so that readers can just skim your email. Use subheadings to pinpoint important details and even highlight some words or phrases that would catch your readers attention.

Keep a regular schedule.

To make your email marketing effective, you need to maintain a regular schedule in sending out emails. If you took months before sending the next email, your customers would have probably forgotten about you. They would regard you as spam and ignore what you have to say. So, it’s important to have a regular schedule and planning goes a long way.

Responsive emails.

Most people find it convenient to use their mobile phones or devices even in checking emails. With this in mind, you need to make sure your emails are mobile-friendly and easy to read even on smaller screens.

Read up on spam rules.

You need to be informed on spam rules if you want to remain reputable in the eye of consumers. Include an unsubscribe option or link in your emails so that subscribers can have a choice.

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