7 Trends in Digital Marketing 2017

After a few years with entries on the theme begin our trend spotting around the new year become something of a tradition, so this will trend scouting for 2017. Last year was defined as a year where the digital was a matter of course and where we experimented a lot with both AR and VR. Below are some thoughts on what is important to bring in digital marketing for 2017.

1. Video 2.0

Video exploded really as we prophesied the last year and will again this year to continue to grow significantly in all forms of platforms. If you do not have a strategy for video marketing , you should get it as quickly as you can, frankly, it is not in the game if you do not work with mobile media. It primarily will be felt in 2017 is the ability to handle live broadcasts. The reality is that everyone, regardless of company, is its own media house in owned media. If 2016 was a tough year for purchasing advertising in linear TV, it will 2017 be a disaster …

2. Good content is maintained over time

Something we notice more and more is the value of a good content marketing. The trend has clearly shown that the content of good quality is much more important than quantity. They shall run, does not produce a lot of videos and blog posts, but focus on good content within your industry that people would pay to read or see. In an era of digitalization is quality A & O. It is therefore hardly surprising that the small sharp Italian Mario in record time became the most downloaded game. Good content keeps namely for a long time to come!

3. Data Driven is a must

In 2016, we have several blog posts nagging about data-driven marketing and we still can not emphasize enough how important this is. Data is as previously mentioned the new oil. Those who become data-driven will move the emotionally driven every day of the week.

4. Marketing gets smarter

Because of the availability of all data will be marketing smarter. How? Well, by starting from the mass of data that both media houses and businesses possess and then mix in Artificial Intelligence (AI) , so you can let computers and robots help one to make decisions. This is the calculations and decisions not be seen or held in a human head. 2017 is the year when AI is mixed into the marketing seriously and robots are slowly but certainly starting to take over.

5. Automated marketing takes off

What we said about the robot? We have seen automation in digital marketing since a few years back but I think 2017 is the year when we will see the turn wider. This means not only that the display is purchased programmatically, but more and more companies and agencies automate e-mail, CRM and social media channels to name a few examples.

6. Marketing is increasingly an experience

2017 is the year when companies are increasingly investing in experiences. Pokemon Go has set the trend and show that the market is ready for augmented reality. It’s about being able to combine the digital with the physical and that we will see even more of the year. Companies must set up a strategy for Augmented Reality (AR) or augmented reality, and VR technology, but also technology 360 ° video according where customers will feel like they are right now where it happens. The essence of this is that the customer must feel and experience your brand rather than just seeing a boring ad with an outdated offer 20 percent discount.

7. All that is physically will be even more important

A time of digitizing – where everything that can be digitized will be digitized – means that the value of that which is not can be digitized will increase significantly. To stand out, retain customers and chin of competitors, companies must find the soul of their product or their offer. Customers must be able to see, feel and experience it. The main tool for the customer experience is not the technology but * drum roll * – your employees who every day carry the brand. What do they say, they feel and think about the company? What they communicate outweighs what every marketing effort can do. A hot tip for 2017 is to build a company characterized by culture and do not control, to get the most out of your brand against those who in the end actually always foot the bill: Customers.

Hope this gave some new thoughts and ideas that you can take with you in time to come. With that, I wish you a happy new and successful 2017!

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