Different Ways To Market Your Moving Company Online

Promoting business has been drastically changed by the popularity of Internet. It affects both large multinational companies down to a humble local shop in a small town. Due to the effect of the web, even local movers should change their marketing strategy to get new customers constantly and stay in business. If you are not familiar with different online marketing strategies to promote your moving company, this article will give you a brief overview about some of those methods.

The vast majority of people use Google to search for practically everything including moving services in your area. For this reason advertising your moving company in Google Adwords is one of the best options to reach potential customers. When someone searches for the word “movers in (your city)” your company will appear at the precise moment, the person needs your services. That increases the odds of you getting that customer.

Contrary to what many employers think, Google ads in most times should not point to the website, but to a landing page. Remember that advertising on Google will only allow you to expose your business to people who are interested in your services. It is your job to turn those people into customers. That is why you must be prepared to convince these potential clients that you are the best choice for moving their belongings.

Advertising on Facebook for localĀ moving services

With Google, you can reach potential clients who are proactively searching a moving company in your area. How will you reach people who are not looking at Google but may need to move, transport or store things?

The advertising on Facebook can be a good choice, since this allows you to show an ad to people segmented by age, gender, geographic location, interests, professions, etc.

It is important to note that people on facebook are in “social mode” and are interested in seeing photos of friends chat, etc. For this reason, you have to catch their attention with an ad that has a clear and concise message and incentive to see the details of what you offer.

Another aspect to consider is that you should not target everyone. You must define the profile of your “ideal client” or “niche market” offering a customized solution.

Other options to publicize your services are Twitter, Linkedin, and other social networks. Although there are many options, you do not have to be in all of those sites. You need to identify which of these social networks has your target audience and focus your digital marketing efforts on that site.

Use Landing page

Now that you get their attention, you need to convert visitors to potential customers or leads. After internet users have seen your ads on Google and Facebook, they will click it. You have reached your potential customers and send them to your website. You will have the opportunity to show them all the details about your services. However, in most times your site has been designed with several objectives. For example; improve the image of your company; present your services through your blog post article; make your visitors browse your website; encourage them to become a fan on your Facebook page, etc.

As you can see, there are many options on your site that might distract your visitors from finding what was promised in the ad. For this reason, you have to use a landing page. That page was specially designed with one goal in mind, converting your visitors into leads.

A landing page usually does not have a navigation menu and only offer service or promotion that was announced on Google or Facebook. For example, if the ad said: Moving on Saturdays: 25% discount, clicking that ad should lead to a page with that offer. If the user clicks on your ad and comes to your website where no discount is mentioned, the user will probably feel frustrated or cheated. However, if the ad will lead to a landing page where the service advertised is detailed, you will have more chance to convert that visit to a potential customer.

Most moving companies fail when trying to get customers online because they fail as an entrepreneur. You probably understand the importance of digital marketing, but you have neither the time nor the expertise to implement it. That is why several moving companies have failed to achieve their goal because they want to do everything themselves.

The best practice is to delegate this task to digital marketing agency that has expertise in the subject and will ensure that you will get leads.

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