Factors Affecting The Cost Of SEO: Competition Keywords

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most difficult services to put a price tag. Due to the complexity of the process and number of factors involved that can affect the results, it ‘s hard to put an exact price tag on a particular service. To better understand why it ‘s hard to give a direct answer to the question, “how much does SEO cost?”, let’s take analyze one of the factors involved in the process.

Let’s start with the most important element of all: how difficult it will be ranked over your competition. Some jobs are easy, like trying to position “shoes Blount Island.” These projects do not require highly advanced SEO techniques and therefore should not need a lot of money to achieve your goal. You can expect an SEO cost of $500 and $1000 per month for the keywords of this type. If your keyword is a little harder, for example, “shoes Jacksonville,” the price usually will take a quantum leap. It is better to deal with local SEO Jacksonville companies if you have local targets.

The reason is clear: a company ranked # 1 with “shoes Jacksonville” will have many more benefits than ranked No. 1 for someone with ” shoes Blount Island.” SEO costs on keywords like this are in the range of $1000 per month or higher, depending on the online marketing agency and keyword to rank. Search for Neptune Beach SEO to find out SEO companies with experience in the area.

And the beauty of it is that your customers can be with you for a long time. If you have reached the first place, you will cease to care how much the SEO nor go to another online marketing agency because your benefits will be greater than the cost. In most cases, if you have experienced to be on the first page of being on a tenth page, you will be extremely glad. For this simple fact, you will return later, perhaps in a few weeks or months to position another site or keyword. This is the reason why SEO marketing has been one of the must have kind of marketing for almost any companies.

How much would pay for 69 people come into your business every hour?

Finally, some keywords are almost impossible to position at the top unless you are willing to spend a lot of resources to do so. A key of this nature word would be something like ” shoes.” Let’s think about this: In Miami, the exact phrase “wanted shoes” about 49,900 times a month, 1,663 times a day or about 69 per hour, 24 hours day.

How much would pay for 69 people come into your business every hour? How much would extra profit have if I had an extra 598,800 visitors to its website every year? This situation is the kind of traffic you’re talking about. It will surely have a serious rebound in earnings with an extra 1,663 visitors a day.

And not to mention the rest of the searches as “men ‘s shoes,” “ladies shoes,” ” tennis shoes,” etc. You will see traffic from these keywords, too.

How does the SEO costs for this type of keywords? In any case between $500 and $2000 per month. The figures presented are just rough estimates because aside from the popularity of certain keywords, you also have to consider the number of websites that use such keywords.

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